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Lillie A. Estes

“What are the things that impact people and prevent them from moving forward?” That is the question that has always interested Lillie Estes in her work for social justice.

Solving problems before they happen

Bill Hamilton, a native Texan with 40 years’ experience in executive, legislative, and judicial branches of Texas state government, has just joined the Initiatives of Change USA board. Bill is also actively involved in local, regional, and state government and civic initiatives in the Austin/Capital Area region and served as mayor of Rollingwood.

Someone is knocking at the door

Oscar Contreras was born in Guatemala and has been in the United States since 1995. Since 2007 he has been a program host at WBTK 1380AM, the Latino Family Christian Radio Station in Richmond, VA. He writes: "Tens of thousands of children are now banging on our door and it looks like they are looking for a refuge and protection. Something is going on and it is happening on our doorstep."

Caux intern helps rebuild community

Katy McQuillan, a Caux intern in 2012, and her family from Brooklyn, NY, are working to help the community of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, LA, to recover from Hurricane Katrina. They have visited and volunteered five times. On April 27 they hosted a fundraising presentation at their synagogue by Ward "Mack" McClendon, founder of Lower 9th Ward Village.


This integrated approach to constructive community change is based on the nationally and internationally recognized work of Hope in the Cities/Initiatives of Change. It increases the capacity of communities to overcome divisions of race, culture, economics and politics by creating a network of skilled facilitators, capable team builders, informed advocates and credible role models.

2014 Hope in the Cities Program Coordinator

Document date: 
23 Apr 2014

What shape is your bridge in?

“If you describe yourself as a bridgebuilder, what shape is your bridge in?” This question was posed by Chris Breitenberg, a US member of the international council of Initiatives of Change (IofC), at the start of the 2014 Indzaba. The theme of “bridging the gaps” ran throughout the weekend forum.

"The crowning experience of my life"

Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955), African American educator, founder of Bethune Cookman University, founder of the National Council of Negro Women, and adviser to five US presidents, felt her encounter with Moral Re-Armament (now Initiatives of Change) in 1954 was so important that she wanted it to be recorded at her gravesite.

In England, at least

As an English person visiting the United States for the first time in 25 years, I am conscious that there is a lot of history between our two nations – some good and some not so good. A sense of history is important. It defines to a large extent who we are today. When we forget our place in history, we can easily be unreal about ourselves.

Trust and integrity in the global economy

Michael Smith is Head of Business Programs at Initiatives of Change in the UK and the author of "Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy." He is visiting the US to meet with business leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to responsible business practices and building healthy communities.This article is reprinted with permission from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.